Dogs can’t get enough of Artisan Barkery treats

Zereen Lunn, owner of Sheffield's  Artisan Barkery, with her two dogs Hugo (left) and Fraser, and one of her canine dog treats.
Zereen Lunn, owner of Sheffield's Artisan Barkery, with her two dogs Hugo (left) and Fraser, and one of her canine dog treats.
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Delicious treats, mouthwatering cakes; muffins, buns and flapjack in every flavour...

But don’t dig in quite yet – at The Artisan Barkery, you’re not exactly the target clientele.

The ‘barkery’ is the brainchild of Sheffield doglover Zereen Lunn, who launched the business from her own kitchen, after a friend recommend she take her dog delicacies on the road.

“I’ve always baked treats and snacks for my own dogs, Hugo and Fraser” said Zereen, aged 45.

“Dogs have sensitive stomachs and it’s important they get just the right sort of food. I never saw the point in feeding them high-quality meals and then just giving them store-bought snacks, which are full of additives – it would be like eating an organic diet, then visiting McDonalds every day!

“One day a friend suggested that, since mine love their healthy snacks so much, other dogs might too.”

Zereen began visiting charity fairs and weekend markets around Yorkshire earlier this year, selling her freshly baked doggy treats, and they’ve gone down a storm,

“Dog owners are generally very passionate about their pets and see them as a part of the family,” said Zereen.

“They love buying my snacks because they’re fun, indulgent and a great way to show their pets a little extra love.”

Zereen has done her research, so she knows exactly what should and shouldn’t make it into her recipes: “I don’t use chocolate, wheat, gluten, apple pips, raisins and lots of other things that I know will play havoc with their tummies. I wouldn’t say I’m a dog expert, but I’m an expert on my own dogs and I think each pet owner has a responsibility to know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for their dogs.”

Zereen also gets a lot of requests for special occasion buns and cakes.

“It’s lovely when people take photographs of their dogs enjoying a birthday cake I’ve made for them and post it on my Artisan Barkery Facebook wall,” she said.

“And since they contain the same kind of ingredients we eat – simply leaving out everything that’s bad for dogs – there’s no harm in an owner sharing a piece of cake with their best furry friend.

“My family and I often try them as I’m baking and we’ve yet to grow tails,” she laughed.

Zereen currently works for Sheffield Council, but says she would someday love to open her own deli shop in the city, with a section for her home-baked doggy treats.

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