Dog owners unite to raise awareness of greyhounds plight - PICTURES

THEY might not be the stars of a famed children's story but 101 canines of a different kind came together to draw attention to a doggy plight.

Side-by-side with their human friends the animals enjoyed a day out in South Yorkshire in a bid to raise awareness of what happens to their less fortunate friends.

Tia Greyhound Rescue called for the owners of greyhounds and lurchers to take their pets to Cannon Hall near Barnsley and spread the word about the fate of the 13,000 dogs it says are found to be surplus to the racing industry's requirements each year.

It says the dogs are abandoned once they are no longer of use and often left to starve.

Yorkshire-based charity Tia rehomes more than 250 dogs a year - more than half of them from South Yorkshire which have been abandoned at rescue centres.

Volunteers say most of the dogs would be destroyed unless they stepped in to help but the charity receives no financial support from the greyhound racing industry.

There was entertainment for people and dogs at Cannon Hall and scores joined in the fun.

The fun day included a sponsored walk, treasure hunt and tombolas for humans while the animals were give their own doggie treats and allowed to take part in guided walks.

A spokesman said: "Greyhounds make wonderful pets. They are generally quiet and placid. The middle-aged and older dogs are ideal for active older owners or families.

"Contrary to popular belief these dogs don't need lots of exercise. Two 20-minute walks a day is enough."

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