Diversity switch on Meadowhall Xmas lights - VIDEO

ACROBATIC Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity popped, locked and hip-hopped their way to switch on Meadowhall's Christmas lights!

By the time the big switch-on arrived at 7pm, hundreds had crammed into the Oasis food court to watch the dance troupe in action.

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Eleven-strong group Diversity, who range in age from 12 to 25, kicked off with what frontman and choreographer Ashley Banjo referred to as "a bit of a warm up" where they freestyled and introd-uced themselves one at a time to the screaming crowd.

Then, after the group counted down from 10 to one on the main stage, mini-members Mitchell Craske, 12, and Perri Luc Kiely, 13, hit the switch-on button to thunderous applause.

Diversity member Jordan Banjo told The Star: "It's so great to do something like this where we get to come and see all the fans - it's nice to see we have so many!"

The group are still on a high after beating Susan Boyle to win the national talent competition six months ago, and said their journey so far has been everything they hoped it would be.

"We don't get much time to ourselves these days but we're getting to live the dream and loving every minute, so it doesn't matter," said one of the older members, Terry Smith.

"We get to get up every day and do what we love doing, it's the best thing in the world.

"Next to winning the show, the Mobo awards has probably been the next biggest highlight for us - that was an amazing night."

The group are no strangers to Sheffield, having appeared in catwalk shows in Meadowhall's Oasis for years before entering Britain's Got Talent.

"We used to come up here and dance at the fashion shows in the Oasis a couple of times a year," Jordan confirmed.

"We always loved doing it and we're loving being back here in Sheffield and at Meadowhall."

The gang took to the shopping centre's stage for the final time, to perform the Michael Jackson tribute dance they showcased at the Mobos.

"Michael Jackson and Christmas," said Jordan. "It doesn't get better than that."

So what's the next big thing on Diversity's agenda?

"The Royal Variety show of course," he grinned. "It was our prize for winning the competition and will be an absolute honour, we really can't wait."

The group will also be kicking off their first tour in March.

n Diversity met up with another all-dancing attraction at Meadowhall last night - a 3D Santa's Grotto!

The grotto is the first in the country to give visitors the chance to watch a 3D adventure film featuring Rocket the Reindeer and the Naughty Snowman.

Visitors walk through Santa's workshop to see elves busy at work, then children are treated to the magical 15-minute film.

After the viewing, youngsters can visit Father Christmas, tell him what they'd like as presents, and receive their own Rocket the Reindeer to take home.

The new grotto opened yesterday. Tickets are 10 for group of four or 3 per person.

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