Diner fit for the Kings in Queens

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ALVAREZ Kings have come a long way since they formed four years ago.

The Sheffield-based progressive rock band has just finished a full US and Canadian tour on the back of a new deal with a Philadelphia-based record label.

“We started off in New York City and that was brilliant,” says front man Simon Thompson. “So many of the bands we admire, like the Strokes, hail from New York City so it was great to be playing there.”

“We payed as part of the CMJ festival, which is an industry festival of music, a bit like SXSW.

“It was fantastic and we had a couple of days to look around the city – although we didn’t have that much time because we had meetings and interviews to squeeze in as well.”

One of the band’s American highlights was the diner in Queens, where they were staying.

“It was this really famous diner and it even appeared in Goodfellas. They just topped up our coffee all the time.”

The band is crowning their successful year with a special home-coming gig at Plug.

“We haven’t played in Sheffield since Tramlines so it will be nice to have all our family and friends and fans at the gig.”

Alvarez Kings play at Plug tomorrow.