Country house in Rotherham needs restored

Tuffrey for Retro: The east front of Wentworth Woodhouse
Tuffrey for Retro: The east front of Wentworth Woodhouse
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The Wentworth Woodhouse country house in Rotherham has been added to the World Monuments Watch.

The list contains 50 sites deemed under threat and facing an uncertain future, with the hope of securing funding or action to help preserve them.

John Darlington, Executive Director of World Monuments Fund Britain, said: “Wentworth Woodhouse is an extraordinary building.

“Its enormous scale is matched by the historic importance of its interiors – representing a roll-call of great British craftsmen – and by the intriguing stories of politics, industry and social change that reverberate within.

“In selecting Wentworth Woodhouse to be one of only 50 sites across the globe for the 2016 Watch, we at World Monuments Fund want to highlight the place, the people connected to it and the value of conserving it for current and future generations.”

Wentworth Woodhouse is an eighteenth-century classical country mansion boasting the longest façade of any country house in Britain.

An estimated £42 million needs to be spent to address structural damage, plasterwork falling from the ceilings and wet and dry rot.