Cop that for a nightly trauma

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NICE to see the police working on the lines that prevention is better than cure, as reported in yesterday’s Star.

Officers who spot vulnerable houses while on their nightly beats in Sheffield are waking residents to tell them: shut that downstairs window or it could be a burglar who disturbs you next time.

Which all seems proportionate enough, and a novel way of getting an important message across.

But let’s hope they don’t take to copying a slightly different tactic being used by the cops in West Hampstead, according to reports last month.

There, officers are actually breaking into homes through open windows in a bid to highlight how residents are making it easy for burglars.

Which might have seemed a good idea on the drawing board – but I’m not sure being woken to find a police officer riffling through my bedroom would leave me feeling anything other than traumatised.

Unless, said officer looked like her from Ashes To Ashes, that is.

QUICK thought inspired by seeing one too many of these T-shirts in Sheffield’s streets.

When a man wears a top with the logo ‘Instant idiot, fill with beer’, is the beer really necessary?

AND another quick thought inspired by the revelation in yesterday’s Star a secret museum is to close.

This is Traditional Heritage Museum, in Ecclesall Road, owned by Sheffield University – described in the report as a secret centre.

So, a question: if a secret museum shuts, does anyone notice?

AND finally did you know on this day in 1907 that Sheffield’s first ever fatal motor accidents occurred?

I did because I’ve just read it in JP Bean’s Sheffield Chronicles book.

A charabanc hit a telegraph pole at Moscar Top while overtaking a horse drawn carriage, killing four passengers.

Even back then, it seems, drivers were always in a hurry.