'Concerns' over past of proposed bar boss

THE man being lined up as new designated premises supervisor if Sheffield's troubled Empire Bar is allowed to reopen was involved with his brother in running a venue which closed amid problems with gang violence.

Mohammed Jangir, named by Empire owner David Hezcko as his choice to run his bar in Charter Square, used to work with brother Mohammed Tanwir running Club Element and the Fez Club, across the road.

Mr Jangir and Mr Tanwir were criticised by police in 2004 who accused them of failing to co-operate with officers to rid Element of gangland types responsible for three stabbings, a mass reprisal attack that was thwarted by armed police, and a shooting.

Officers had asked the brothers to close down and said no action would be taken against them if they agreed.

But at the time Mr Jangir and Mr Tanwir were reporting as saying they feared reprisals from gangs and declined to close for financial reasons.

Supt Martin Hemmingway told the October 2004 Sheffield Council licensing board, which revoked Element's licence, that he was 'astonished' to be told the brothers would not shut the club.

Mr Tanwir, who police accused of being the 'money-man' behind the equally troubled Niche nightclub, has been granted a licence to reopen the old Element and Niche club as Club Sky.

He told The Star: "A lot of things which have been said are not true. We have run high class operations over the years, such as Bar Matrix and Vijays, in Charter Square, and venues in Leeds. We will be attracting different types of clientele to Empire and Club Sky.

"We have given total co-operation to the police and won an appeal against the closure of Element at the High Court. Supt Hemmingway's comments were made a long time ago.

"We were not the licensees at Element and I had no involvement in Niche. I was the owner but leased the building to Steve Baxendale. I was not his money-man. No owners of clubs want trouble."

Sheffield Council's current licensing board chairman, Coun Clive Skelton, said: "We were aware of Mr Jangir's past with Element before Empire's licensing board review.

"We are not allowed to object - it is up to the police - and we will see what happens when Mr Jangir's application is made to become designated premises supervisor at Empire."

Supt Andy Barrs, of South Yorkshire Police, said: "The chairman of the licensing board expressed concerns and we are going to look very carefully at the proposals for Mr Jangir to be made Empire's designated premises supervisor.

"We are taking concerns raised by Coun Skelton seriously, are reviewing Mr Jangir's history and will report back to the board.

"We did not object to Mr Tanwir's application for Club Sky because he was not in charge of the running of Niche nightclub so not linked to problems which happened there.

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"Mr Tanwir has assured us he has severed all ties with Mr Baxendale, who has moved to Thailand."

The licensing board decided it would suspend Empire's licence for three months after a series of assaults, the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy on Christmas Eve and drug dealing witnessed by undercover police officers

Owner Mr Hezcko was ordered to replace designated premises supervisor Veronika Misejova and bouncers who had moved to Empire from Niche after it closed.

Empire will not be allowed to reopen without agreement by the police.

richard marsden

News Reporter

Bars: Mohammed Jangir is lined up to run Empire Bar and used to help run Club Element, below