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Greystones Council School 1921-22. A Deakin, first on front row (right).

Greystones Council School 1921-22. A Deakin, first on front row (right).

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RETRO has created something of a mystery...

On Saturday we featured a school picture with the caption ‘1921-22 Greystones Council School, including A Deakin’.

A Deakin is in fact Arthur Deakin, father of Patricia Stansfield of Richmond, Sheffield, who wonders who sent the picture to The Star and why they only mentioned her father’s name in the caption.

A bit of detective work at this end reveals that the picture was sent in to The Star in 1998 but that no other detail was left and the sender not named.

Patricia is puzzled.

“It’s a bit of a mystery to me and my sister Gillian,” said 76-year-old Patricia.

“She has a copy of the picture but she has never sent it to The Star and no-one else has.

“All our other family have been dead for many years.

“Other families would have had one but why would anyone else identify just A Deakin? I can’t think why unless it was a girlfriend or something.

“I wonder if a Star reader might recognise it and solve the mystery?”

The Deakins were from Greystones. Arthur lived in Ranby Road as a boy and Pat grew up in Murray Road.

Former cabinet maker Arthur died of emphysema, aged 75, in 1986.

He would have been 100 years old last March.

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