Average house £142,964, average wage £19k

AVERAGE house prices in South Yorkshire are now more than seven times the average wage - and the amount of £1 million-plus properties has soared over the last year.

Latest property market figures show the average house price is 142,964 compared to the average income of 19,000.

Meanwhile, South Yorkshire has seen a 54 per cent rise in houses worth more than 1 million and a 43 per cent rise in houses valued at more than 2 million.

The new figures have been revealed by a property website.

Sheffield Council's cabinet member for housing Coun Penny Baker said: "We welcome this injection of money into the area - often the people living in these multi-million pound homes will be those who run successful businesses and create jobs.

"But we are concerned that people do not get left behind.

"It is incredibly difficult for young people to get on the housing ladder and this is a big problem."

Figures for house prices in South Yorkshire cover the period July to September last year and were published before Christmas.

They show the average house price has risen 1.4 per cent on the previous year.

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