Armed siege in Sheffield - PICTURES

ARMED police surrounded a house in Sheffield this morning and sealed off the road.

Residents of Olive Grove Road, Heeley, were told not to leave their homes to take their children to school or go to work because of the armed siege which began at around 6.30am and lasted almost four hours.

Police closed off the entire road - home to Sheffield First bus depot and the city council works - and six armed officers surrounded the terraced property.

One concerned resident told The Star: "I woke up and heard shouting so I looked out of my window to see three police cars and four police officers standing outside.

"Then two cars pulled up with four armed officers inside. There two at the front of the house pointing guns and two at the back.

"Nobody said anything to us so I rang the control room to see if we were allowed to leave the house."

The resident said they were told not to leave the property to go to school or work.

The woman added: "I've been told to stay in the house. I've had to ring the children's schools and work.

"I can't believe this is happening on our street, you don't expect it to happen to you."

A police spokesman said: "Officers from South Yorkshire Police were called to an incident involving the occupants of an address on Olive Grove Road in the Heeley area of Sheffield just before 6.30am this morning.

"The occupants of the address are now safely out of the property.

"Olive Grove Road has been reopened to the public following its earlier closure while police dealt with the incident.

"One man has been arrested."

He added: "As a precautionary measure, armed officers had been deployed to the scene in the interests of all concerned."

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