Arena fans take posh but lovable Miranda to their Hart

Miranda Hart Live 2014
Miranda Hart Live 2014
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Miranda Hart, Motorpoint Arena

Miranda’s all-action goofy TV persona translates well to arena-sized stage and screens.

She has energy and presence to spare as she tears through her routines with her audience loving every snort and knowing aside to camera .

We get the full range of neuroses from a woman who’s slightly ill at ease with, well everything really.

She looks at food and tights for her older fans, LOL and IKR for her younger followers and humping dogs, fitted sheets and musical theatre for those in between.

Her fans adore her and they do come in all ages from 10-years-old to grannies .

We also had a live blind date that went disastrously wrong. First 21-year-old Stuart was paired with 46-year-old Belinda - too odd even for Miranda - then the lad was set up with 24-year-old Robin but their interval assignation turned out to be as hopeless as one of Miranda’s excruciating sit-com dates.

Miranda flirts wildly with the audience and got herself lost in some hilariously inappropriate interactions with 10-year-old Matthew in the front row.

It takes some bottle and a good script to take to the stage with just a table, a few bags of Doritos and an idea about us all having a party.

Although you sort of know what’s coming next, she pulls it off admirably with self-deprecating poshness and a lovable capacity to be the butt of her own jokes.

The night ends with video punchlines to her routine - a montage of happy endings to the scrapes and awkward confrontations she uses to such good effect in her show.

Such fun, fans loved it, all went well - apart from the date of course...