Angela boxes clever with a menu of tasty organic food

Angela assembling a veg box inside Filthy Gorgeous Organics, on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield
Angela assembling a veg box inside Filthy Gorgeous Organics, on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield
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You are what you eat – even at Christmas.

And that’s why, while some of us will be disppearing inside a tin of Quality Street this Christmas, Angela Howesgo has a completely different festive menu in mind.

Filthy Gorgeous Organics, on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield

Filthy Gorgeous Organics, on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield

The mum-of-three and her family will be enjoying an additive-free turkey, organic potatoes, unpasteurised olives and lashings of raw gluten-free chocolate this December 25.

“I know that the chemical versus organic talk can get a bit boring,” reveals Angela.

“So the truth is simply that it tastes great and that’s enough of a reason to make the change and go organic this Christmas!”

And it’s a message Angela is keen to spread across the region, as the shelves of her Abbeydale Road store, Filthy Gorgeous Organics, are bursting with food that is stripped back to its natural goodness.

Filthy Gorgeous Organics, on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield

Filthy Gorgeous Organics, on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield

The Sheffield store specialises in food that is organic, fresh and local – hence the name, which refers to the ‘gorgeousness’ of food that emerges dirty and natural from the ground.

“I’m trying my best to tempt people away from the supermarket for their Christmas food shop this year and get them to come into the city to visit us instead,” says Angela, who launched the shop two-and-a-half years ago.

“There or no gimmicks or convenience foods here, we simply endevour to supply food that is stripped back and as chemical and additive-free as possible. It’s food we know and food we love.

“So much of what we buy in the supermarkets has MSG and flavour enhancers in it – it’s not real food. Organic food tastes so different, especially the spuds! Everyone wants to get if right when it comes to Christmas dinner and organic food is all about the taste.”

Angela Howsego (left) at Filthy Gorgeous

Angela Howsego (left) at Filthy Gorgeous

And that’s why the store has launched their ‘Christmas Day In A Box’ – which they will be delivering to customers all across the region this Christmas week.

The boxes contain everything you could need to make your Christmas dinner – sprouts, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, parsnip, broccoli, onions – all fresh produce and all grown in Yorkshire.

Angela, of Rotherham, adds: “My potatoes and leeks come from Wortley Hall Farm, my apples and squash from a supplier in Nether Edge; it’s the best of what we can produce here in the UK and I think it’s great to celebrate what we can supply ourselves as a small nation.

“We support a lot of small independent businesses, many of them local, but that’s not to say I won’t go further afield to get the best products. I have a Sheffield supplier who brings me dates back from his farm in Jordan, a man from Sri Lanka who supplies my loose tea and a wonderful Greek family who send me lovely unpasteurised honey and olives.

“Wherever local isn’t possible, I seek out small independent suppliers elsewhere in the world who care about what they produce and that I can trust to bring a delicious taste of another place to the city. Independent businesses know their products in a way that bigger chain retailers can’t and I think it’s important to support them – wherever they may be.

“I also really like getting things from other places in the UK, as I think it’s important to stay cohesive as a nation and get trade from one another.”

And the ‘Christmas In A Box’ packages contain more than just the fruit and veg you’ll need for dinner: with additive-free turkeys and geese to order, wines, sweet treats and a range of superfoods and wellness products available – including an enema kit for anyone who might inadvertently overindulge this Christmas!

Most importantly, Angela is keen to drive home the message that wellness comes from what you put into your body – that is the essence of what Filthy Gorgeous Organics is all about.

She says: “I don’t know about all of you, but our lives are pretty hectic. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we eat well and feel food about the food we buy and consume and that’s especially true at this time of year.

Visit Filthy Gorgeous Organic for details.