Alan's treasure find sheds light on city's Roman history

A SHEFFIELD pensioner has found treasure - providing vital evidence of a Roman settlement close to the city almost 2,000 years ago.

Alan Shimwell, aged 72, from Mosborough, is a metal detector enthusiast and discovered 10 Roman coins while searching a site alongside Eckington cemetery.

The coins are made from silver or copper and the oldest dates from the reign of the emperor Domitian AD 81 to 96. Others are from the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian.

Alan has reported his finds to the coroner, as the law dictates, and the hoard has been logged by the British Museum.

He believes the coins are physical evidence that the area around Sheffield was occupied by the Romans.

Mr Shimwell said Roman-derived names were still used for some local roads but until now no artefacts had been found.

He added: "The coins were almost certainly the contents of a purse lost by a traveller, and they have been undisturbed for 1,600 years."


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