Abandoned baby hedgehogs found in compost heap

WHAT a prickly bunch!

These adorable baby hedgehogs were found in a compost heap in Worksop, abandoned by their mother who fled when the area was disturbed.

They are now being looked after by South Yorkshire Animal Rescue, who have warned of the dangers of disturbing compost heaps because of what might be hiding underneath.

Phill Slack, coordinator of the centre, said: "Around this time of year, we get a lot of these incidents.

"People aren't aware of hedgehog breeding times, so they disturb their compost heaps without realising the danger it involves." The hoglets, who were found when they were less than a week old, are very vulnerable without their mother but staff are working hard to look after them. Phill added: "You have to try your best to keep them warm. We feed them every couple of hours using a milk substitute, and we also have to help them go to the toilet.

"Our volunteers take it in turns to care for them every night.

"This is the diciest stage because they are all so young, so you have to give them lots of love and attention."

Staff have also warned residents to be alert for other baby animals while they are out in their gardens this summer.

He added: "It's not just hoglets that are in danger - when people strim their hedges, there can be horrible accidents including baby birds".

Anyone who could make a donation towards their work or those who have some free time to volunteer should contact the charity on 0114 2349656.

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