A trip back in time at The Moor - slideshow

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CARS were the stars when a cavalcade of marvellous motors made their annual appearance in Sheffield city centre.

The Classics on the Moor event featured dozens of vintage vehicles, from the exotic - such as a rare example of the iconic DeLorean sports car - to a humble 1960s Ford Anglia.

One of the main themes for the 2011 show, the fifth to be staged, were cars made famous by films and TV shows.

There were prizes for those who could match the most vehicles with movies and small screen hits.

From the DeLorean, the star of the Back to the Future films, to a Volkswagen Beetle seen in the Disney ‘Herbie’ series, there were plenty of talking points.

An Austin made famous by the Harry Potter series drew attention, as did a Reliant Robin similar to the one seen in Only Fools and Horses.

The South Yorkshire Capri Club - devoted to cars seen in shows such as The Professionals - was well represented, along with more than a dozen Minis which brought back memories of The Italian Job.

Chair of the Sheffield Mini Club Thomas Bonnington said the day on The Moor was always a popular one with his members.

“Most of our Minis are classics and this event is a good showcase for our club,” he said.

“The cars always attract a lot of interest and they aren’t too expensive to own as they are valued at £3,000 upwards. And this 1962 model is a piece of history.”

Many crowded around a Jaguar E-type, the model celebrating its 40th anniversary, and a flash Ford Mustang had its fans - but just as many had eyes for a 60s Triumph Herald.

John Domanski, 71, said he was a regular at the show and enjoyed seeing some of the more unusual exhibits.

He added: “I’d like to be the sort of chap who owned a special car like some of these - but I can’t afford it so the show is the next best thing.”

Father and son Peter and Mark Stewart, aged 62 and 37, had their own vintage vehicles parked side by side - Mark’s 1932 Austin 7 and Peter’s 1947 Hillman Minx.

“Despite its age the Austin 7 did 10,000 miles last year as we go to shows most weekends,” said Mark from Harworth near Bawtry.

“I bought the car from a chap in Leicester who was the original owner, aged 94, and it was a bit tired. I must have spent £7,000 restoring it.”

Dad Peter said the Hillman had been stood in a garage for 35 years before he bought it.

“This is a good show - it’s our third year here and we look forward to it,” he added.

Paul Dewsnap from Loxley’s Spurr Cars had a number of classic cars for sale - including a 1966 Ford Anglia which was attracting plenty of interest.

“There’s often a nostalgia for the car you drove when you were a young man - I trained on Anglias myself at TC Harrison on London Road so I know them inside out,” he said.

“This one is on offer at £4,950 so it’s not a bad deal for a car in such good condition.”