A steely kind of superhero

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Over 14,000 South Yorkshire pupils are to be given copies of a graphic novel celebrating a superhero with a difference - Harry Brearley, the Sheffield inventor of stainless steel.

The book titled Stainless marks the centenary of Harry’s breakthrough - but is a full colour 64 page modern murder thriller.

It will be given to 12 and 13-year-olds to help spark their interest in technology, and is full of the latest interactive features.

The story includes flashbacks to the true life story of Harry Brearley and, with QR codes embedded in the book, youngsters will be able to link to engineering and sponsors’ websites as well as specially produced videos of young people working in local companies.

Pupils will also find the key to a hunt to find the location of a stainless steel ‘treasure’ hidden somewhere in the city, with a package of prizes on offer.

The book has been written by local storyteller Andy Messer and is illustrated by Bob Moulder and Kieron Edwards.

It was inspired by engineer and Rotarian Dr John Dunkley and the project has been supported by a range of local companies such as Gripple.

After the books are delivered, the artists will run roadshows at some schools which will involve performances, question and answer sessions and signings.

Mr Dunkley said: “Students will enjoy reading Stainless and see Harry as a role model. He was a barefoot child who left school at 11 to become one of our leading industry pioneers, putting Sheffield on the world map with stainless steels.”