Tramlines’ Devonshire Green stage will showcase local acts

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Tramlines organisers have revealed the Devonshire Green stage at this year’s festival will be used to showcase local talent.

Sheffield music lovers gave a mixed reception to the festival’s announcement that the main stage this year is being re-located from the city centre to Ponderosa Park.

But Sarah Nulty, Tramlines director, said there will still be a buzz in the city centre and a stage at Devonshire Green.

“I think it’s important for people to remember that the festival is still very much in the city centre - we’re only moving one stage,” she said.

“Every venue in the city centre will still be doing what it does every year. Some of the key venues aren’t right in the centre anyway - think about the Leadmill and the Academy.

“We listened to feedback from last year and the feedback we had was that people were disappointed that they didn’t get in to see the headline acts.

“Devonshire Green can only hold so many people and people also want big acts. We can’t put any big acts on that stage with that capacity.”

Sarah said the Devonshire Green stage will be smaller this year but it will showcase local talent.

“It’s still in the planning stages at the moment but it will be more local-led and we want to give local bands more of a platform than last year,” she said.

Nick Simmonite, manager at the Frog and Parrot on Division Street, said: “I think it’s a good move for the Tramlines company because as a business they will probably have an opportunity to break even or make a profit this year. There’s demand for the big acts and big acts cost money.

“It does mean we will have to do something about it as a city centre.

For us, we look forward to working with all the other bars, venues and clubs and we will make up something of our own.

“It’s about giving great exposure to great, local bands, singer-songwriters and performers. It’s a shame they’re not going to get that opportunity but the Ponderosa will have more of a festival feel.”