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The pictures on the website of Oli Sykes clothing store Drop Dead.
The pictures on the website of Oli Sykes clothing store Drop Dead.
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SHEFFIELD rock star Oli Sykes is in trouble over his clothing firm’s ‘socially irresponsible’ use of an extremely skinny model – his former girlfriend – in its marketing.

The lead singer of city metal band Bring Me The Horizon has been told to take down images of his ‘anorexic-looking’ ex-girlfriend Amanda Hendrick from the website of his fashion firm Drop Dead Clothing.

Oli, who owns the clothing company with his Stocksbridge-based parents Ian and Carol, was handed the ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority after a web user complained about pictures of the bikini-wearing size-eight model.

But Carol, who manages the firm, said: “The model is Oli’s former girlfriend and a close family friend. She has been modelling for us for three years and we have never had any complaints – she is perfectly healthy, and definitely not anorexic.”

The complainant said the model looked ‘underweight’ and ‘anorexic’.

Amanda Hendrick, 21, from Airdrie, Scotland, is a professional model who appeared on the cover of Vogue at just 17.

But the advertising authority ruled in the Drop Dead Clothing images she looked too thin, giving young shoppers a negative image ‘to aspire to’.

Their ruling said: “The ASA considered the model was very slim, and noted that in the bikini images her hip, rib and collar bones were highly visible.

“We also noted that, in the bikini and denim shorts images, hollows in her thighs were noticeable and she had prominent thigh bones.

“We considered that in combination with the stretched-out pose and heavy eye make-up, the model looked underweight.”

It concluded that some of the pictures were ‘socially irresponsible’.