Summer Camp, The Harley

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WHEN this writer was but a teenager, Elizabeth Sankey is exactly the kind of girl – all fringe, eyes and a voice that comes from nowhere – he would have spent hours fawning over.

There almost certainly would have been a poster somewhere on the wall.

Ten years on, this writer has grown out of fawning. Plus the missus probably wouldn’t like that poster.

But, for Sankey and Summer Camp band mate Jeremy Warmsley, a whole generation of youngsters are there for the impressing.

Because this puppy dog cute pair of indie pop minstrels are about as enticing a prospect as English alternative music has produced in a long time.

Referencing everything from ’60s girl groups to ’80s synth, it’s a doo-woop which is both cherryade sweet and somehow seething with darkness. Obsession and failure as lyrical material, anyone?

Remember The Wonder Years – the awesome American TV show? They sound like how watching that felt. Worth fawning over.

Colin Drury