Students hit the high notes with R&B singer - VIDEO

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STUDENTS in Sheffield were given the chance to shine in a new music video featuring rising R&B artist Maverick Sabre.

Two guitarists, three singers, a drummer, a keyboard player and a violinist were all tasked with creating their own arrangement of I Need - the Mobo-nominee’s follow-up to his debut single Let Me Go.

Singer Maverick Sabre performs with students at Norton College, Sheffield

Singer Maverick Sabre performs with students at Norton College, Sheffield

Maverick then travelled to Sheffield to record the song with them in their own music studio. His production team will now ‘mash together’ all the best bits for the final single, which will be released on November 7.

“Sometimes you forget about music colleges and think that if they’re not out there on the live music scene, the talent isn’t there,” said 21-year-old Maverick.

“But this experience has really opened my eyes - the talent in Sheffield is stunning.”

Maverick started singing when he was eight and is a self-proclaimed product of the Irish hip hop scene. Originally from Hackney, he moved to Dublin when he was four and then back to London at 17, which he says accounts for his unique accent for which his music is best known.

“I admit I was wary when the record label first suggested this project,” he told The Star.

“I couldn’t imagine how this could work, taking different bands and different college students and fusing it all together, but I’ve enjoyed this more than most shows I’ve ever done.

“It’s been great getting to interact with musicians, who aren’t that much younger than me.

“I’ve loved hearing their take on my music and the creativity has just poured out of the sessions.”

20-year-old Martha Pedler, aged 20, in particular caught Maverick’s eye with her interpretation on violin.

“We’ve focused quite heavily on the strings in there today,” Maverick added.

“They were really haunting and beautiful and we haven’t had strings played anywhere else we’ve visited, so they’ll really add something to the finished track.”

Martha, of Ecclesall Road, told The Star: “I wasn’t nervous surprisingly, playing the takes for them, I really enjoyed it.

“It’s an honour to get to work with someone like Maverick and I’m really pleased that he liked my interpretation of his song - I only had about an hour to knock it together!”

Neil Anderton, a music lecturer at Sheffield College, said: “For our students, getting to meet someone from the business and see how fast these things are turned around is invaluable.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the great talent we’ve got here.”

Maverick has previously visited colleges in Norwich, Brighton, Liverpool and Manchester and told The Star this project has offered a spotlight to talent hidden away in colleges all over the country.

“I’m just starting out myself really, but I had a lot of people give me chances along the way when they didn’t need to and I know how helpful that can be,” he said.

“That’s how the next Jimi Hendrix gets found.”

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