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Clint Boon, of the Inspiral Carpets.
Clint Boon, of the Inspiral Carpets.
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No-one does baggy indie quite like the Inspiral Carpets.

With their swirly psychedelic melodies and baggy fashion sense, the Inspirals formed the soundtrack of the 1990s ‘Madchester’ scene.

And now, twenty-odd years since the band reigned pop, they’re back, and armed with a brand new album, Spitfire.

“The main reason we made this album was because we had some singles we wanted to release and it seemed a natural progression to make an album,” says Martyn Walsh.

But the music industry is a very different place today to what it was when the Inspirals first started.

“Now there’s ‘X Factor syndrome’ and Spotify culture where people think that music is always free. Even Taylor Swift has spoken up about downloading / streaming culture and said that art is valuable and rare - people need to remember that.”

But it’s not just the industry that’s changed.

“We are in different places now to what we were all those years ago, we’re grown up now.”

As for the meanings behind the songs, that remains a secret.

“We did do a ‘song by song’ expose for a DVD and it was very strange. At the end of the day we are five blokes from Manchester and Oldham so we don’t sit around opening up with each other over peppermint tea.”

But there’s also a desire to keep the meanings of songs hidden. “There is some serious dark matter going on in some of them but I like the idea of fans having their own interpretation. For example, I love Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart but I don’t want to know what it’s about.”

Spitfire has also opened up a potential new direction for the band too. “It nods to a direction in which we could go. We don’t have any concrete plans for next year but that’s exciting. Back in 1992 we knew exactly where we were going to be the year after and the year after that and it it took all the excitement out of being in a band.”

But that excitement is back in the guise of Spitfire and the band is looking forward to performing material from it at the Leadmill this week.

“We always have a great night at the Leadmill,” says Walsh.

Inspiral Carpets play at the Leadmill on Saturday December 6.