Sheffield teacher steals a kiss from Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow fan Angela O'Brien
Gary Barlow fan Angela O'Brien
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A headteacher realised a life-long dream of getting up close with Gary Barlow after pleas from her students saw her climb on stage with her idol in Sheffield.

Angela O’Brien got on stage with the Take That star during a concert at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

She took a ‘selfie’ with the hit singer before sitting with him while he performed at the piano – even managing to plant a cheeky kiss on him during her few minutes in the spotlight.

The primary school headteacher said the experience was a lesson to her pupils, proving the worth of having a dream.

The 42-year-old made a banner with the help of her family, which she then waved in the crowd, written from the perspective of her pupils – a tactic which seems to have helped land her dream opportunity.

It read: “Please pick our crazy headteacher #anythingispossible.”

She said: “When I got on the stage I lost myself for a few moments. I was so excited and I just had to grab the opportunity.

“My assembly next week is going to be absolutely brilliant. It goes to show that if you put your mind to something, never give up, and believe the impossible, then it can happen.

“My focus is on the kids, on making a difference and I am proud to be able to give that message to them. “

Angela said she has followed Gary Barlow since the age of 19 and on her 40th birthday organised a Barlow-themed party.

The headteacher at Wyndham Primary in Derby added: “I would always say I wanted to get Gary to the school. Now I have achieved my dream of meeting him and it will be great for the pupils to see that. I showed them you can have a dream and never give up.”