Sheffield indie/mod band take their Itchy Feet on the road

Sheffield mod/indie band, The Monday Club
Sheffield mod/indie band, The Monday Club
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Marc Wragg, drummer with Sheffield band The Monday Club, answers questions from Star entertainment writer Julia Armstrong ahead of the band’s next gig in Sheffield, on Friday (April 25).

Julia: Tell us about the band

Marc: We’re The Monday Club, a storming indie/mod three-piece with pop sensibilities. Our new CD is a single called Itchy Feet with a B side called Lay Me Down. The single is released on iTunes and other online download sites and is also available on 7” vinyl. We’re playing a gig at The Royal Standard in Sheffield city centre to celebrate the release of the single. We’ve got Matt Willoughby supporting us and we’ve also got DJ sets from the 601 Club, so it’s gonna be an amazing night of indie/mod & northern soul!

Julia: How did the band get together?

Marc: Darren (bass & vocals) and Paul (guitar & vocals) went to school together and ended up forming a band. They needed a drummer and got in touch with me after playing a gig together with my old band.

Julia: How long have you been going?

Marc: We formed in 2010 but with this line-up we’ve been doing it since 2012

Julia: Are you all from Sheffield?

Marc: Yes we are. Darren is from Oughtibridge, Paul is from Worrall and I’m from Woodseats

Julia: What’s the line-up?

Marc: Paul - guitar & vocals

Darren - bass & vocals

Marc - drums

Julia: What type of music inspires/influences you and how would you describe the music you play?

Marc: We’re into all sorts of different music and there’s too many of our favourite bands to mention! But some of our favourites are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Jam, The Stone Roses etc. We play indie rock but we have a pop side to our songs as well. We have catchy choruses and hooks that get people dancing and tapping their feet.

Julia: When did you sign to your label? Why are you on tour at the moment?

Marc: We signed in 2013 and we’re currently on tour promoting our debut single Itchy Feet, which is released through our label, Tiny Teeth Records

Julia: What’s the reaction been from fans so far?

Marc: Amazing! The video for the single has had loads of views online and we’ve had lots of comments from people saying they’ve bought the new single. Everyone seems really into it.

Julia: What are you hoping to achieve as a band?

Marc: For me, I’d like to play all around the country to venues full of people who are truly into our music. I’d like to give people the feeling that we feel when we listen to our favourite bands.