Review: Veronica Falls, The Harley

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VERONICA Falls sound a bit like The Velvet Underground - but probably not as much as they’d like.

They’re alright - but not much better. They have decent songs - but almost certainly nothing you’d fall in love with.

Tonight, the London quartet - two boys, two girls and probably a whole lot of C86 tapes - are playing The Harley.

The good news is they look great - front woman Roxanne Clifford says nothing but still somehow commands the stage - and, in tracks like Found Love In A Grave Yard have a lovely, shoe-gazey sound that, in parts, is both appealingly dreamy and misanthropic. Beachy Head may be the most cheerful sounding song ever written about contemplating suicide.

But the bad news is five minutes after you’ve heard the majority of their 45 minute set, you’re probably going to have forgotten it and be wishing you were listening to This Many Boyfriends or something.

For though Veronica Falls hint at maybe Ride here and perhaps The Pastels there, they never really take those influences anywhere interesting. Their second album, released this month is called Waiting For Something To Happen. Unfortunately, at tonight’s gig, nothing does.

Because, ultimately, it’s all just a little meh.