REVIEW: Tracer, Plug

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AUSTRALIA has long had a habit of turning out canny garage rock.

This sibling-fronted trio are the latest to lead the charge back to the old country, dispensing a cocktail one part Queens Of The Stone Age, another part Soundgarden – largely because main singer Michael Brown has that Cornell oaked, mature wallop to his foghorn – and one splash of fellow countrymen You Am I.

The result is a rock juggernaut that makes a bigger noise than three young men surely deserve to make and their debut album Spaces In Between merely hints at, large but agile classic rock surges churning the air in Plug’s packed second room.

And on the final night of their first UK headline tour, and their first sold out British venue, Tracer are not so much match fit as threatening to churn up the turf with the likes of Too Much and Devil Ride.

The whiff of Sabbath also lurking in their musical DNA surfaces when they blend their Walk Alone with War Pigs before doing a little youthful showboating, Leigh and brother Michael playing their respective bass and lead guitars behind their heads, briefly covering their well-conditioned long locks.

Something tells me these boys will be back. And they’ll have even more friends.