REVIEW: The War On Drugs, The Harley, Glossop Road

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WAR on drugs?

There’s one just been waged in Sheffield, hasn’t there? This, after all, was the week the city’s top judges declared anyone caught growing cannabis would to be sent straight to prison without passing go.

So the timing somehow seems perfect for the band with the oddest moniker in indie to arrive here tonight.

Except, if ever there was music to soundtrack dragging the odd doobie, surely their stoner, slacker, occasionally Springsteen-style rock would be it.

Some songs here are so expansively spaced you half expect them to take human form and ask for munchies.

They don’t. Obviously.

But, long of hair and slurred of speech, The War On Drugs are worth devouring anyway. A little Spiritualized, a little Bob Dylan and a whole lot Pavement, they’re young, pretty and know their way round a tune.

War on drugs? Pick your sides and let battle commence.