REVIEW: The Sheffield Pop Weekender, Sunday August 26, The Redhouse, Solly Street

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AS music festivals go, it’s a civilised affair.

One band gives away cake; another dishes out bottles of blowing bubbles. Occasionally a party-popper is pulled. At no point does anyone throw a plastic pint of urine.

Welcome reader to the Sunday leg of the Sheffield Pop Weekender – a mini festival featuring 17 bands over three days and three venues.

It’s rock n roll with a cardigan on. And what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing if it sounds like Sheffield-York trio Standard Fare.

A cross of Good Shoes, Hefner and the kind of band John Peel got giddy about, they are the weekend’s headliners – and their delightful do-pop shows why. Opener Wow would be a global smash if there was any justice – which, of course, there isn’t.

Other highlights of the day?

Overlook the occasional sixth-form sloganeering of The Sweet Nothings – the Daily Mail is bad, etc etc – and the Sheffield four-piece have the sort of ace instantaneous tunes you find yourself humming years later.

Hull’s Heroes Of The Mexican Independence Movement, meanwhile, have great songs to back up their great name; blasting all Hope Of The States bombast all over the place.

That’s the Sheffield Pop Weekender – we leave happy, nourished and, fittingly, with a pin badge.