REVIEW: StoneRun, Corporation, Sheffield

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BACK end of a UK tour and the Sheffield rockers are match fit and clearly glad to be back on home turf on a Saturday night.

They land on stage with all the confidence – and the tunes - of a well-drilled outfit that can tame crowds from Dumfries to Darnall.

Front and centre of the operation is Tommy R. Jones, an amiable singer with the locks of a Timotei advert and the classic voice of a Yorkshire Chris Cornell.

New song Silver has him spinning like a whirling dervish as a band that includes a Newton Faulkner double on guitar turn out muscular melodies and genuine pint tremblers that have the potential to surely earn StoneRun some major crowds before long.

The set is a tad generic in places, Innocence in particular harking back to Ten-era Pearl Jam, the strong whiff of Even Flow enhanced by Jones’s sweetened grunge vocal and potent range.

Something In The Water is a chugging affair while Slow Down, another newie, has the man with the mic losing his shirt to complete the cave man about town look. Black Box provides a suitably beefy finish to a set that has some of us mystified as to why StoneRun aren’t figuring on the bill at Download next month. They do it all again in a couple of weeks, however, when they open for Canadian hard-luck, hard rock survivors Anvil; same venue, June 21.

David Dunn