Review: Standard Fare, Queens Social Club

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SOMETIMES something happens that leaves the world a worse place: a person dies, a library burns, a band ceases to exist.

Tonight, at the Queen’s Social Club, Sheffield popsters Standard Fare are making their penultimate stand.

After eight years and two stunning records, this will be the boy-girl-boy trio’s last city show. They will perform once more in London next month, and then they will hang up their guitars.

Quitting at one’s creative peak is undoubtedly admirable but it’s a shame nonetheless. For, as tonight’s set proves, this is a band with an unerring ability to nail a tune, to create sing-along, dance-along pop that might be twee in places but is also somehow terrifically life-affirming too.

Wow is the best song Hefner never wrote, while Wrong Kind of Trouble as a delightful Pastels vibe.

“Any requests?” they ask before finishing up tonight with their ingenious cover of Queen’s I Want To Break Free.

“Make a third album,” someone shouts back.

The world would be a better place if they did.

Colin Drury