REVIEW: Sound Of Guns, Leadmill

Have your say has been known to produce the odd successful band in its time - but this lot more than buck the Merseybeat manifesto.

The emphasis is on a big sound with big tunes. For that you need a vocalist with a big voice and in Andy Metcalfe they have more than that.

In fact, at times his roar is larger than the tunes he accompanies and in the intimate setting of The Leadmill’s second live room it arguably overshadows some of the work of his hairy colleagues.

Two albums in and Sound Of Guns have the kind of sonic arsenal that could work well in larger rooms but there’s something not quite equating to the performance of similar bands in this intimate venue. The nearest equivalent is perhaps Mona, an equally commercial/arena-minded act who made hairs rise on this neck when they flexed musical muscles.

That said, SOG have a largely loyal crowd on this night who if not nattering are mouthing the lyrics as the Gunners power through rabble rousers such as the quite stunning Sometimes. They have some way to go before Andy’s occasional rock star posturing is fully justified, but they’re not far off.