Review: Solid Silver ‘60s, Sheffield City Hall

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Solid Silver ‘60s, Sheffield City Hall

A VERY rotund Wayne Fontana in a white suit and fedora, whom most of us remembered as a slim-hipped Beatle-cut regular on Top Of The Pops, told the audience: “I am going to try and bring back a flood of memories...of the time you had memories.”

The show, now a year past its own silver jubilee, is like watching Brian Matthews’ Sound Of The Sixties on stage – with frequent trips to the loo for the audience.

Mr Fontana knew how they felt. He brought the house down with jokes about his own waterworks.

It was a night of sheer nostalgia tinged with astonishment that your favourite acts looked like they did, followed by amazement that they still sounded so good.

Fontana can still do a mean falsetto, Chris Farlowe will never be Out Of Time with his rugged bluesy voice. Top of the bill Dave Berry, playing on his home turf, is still terrific (and also winning the award for Best Preserved Sixties Star).

There might have been enough arthritic hips to fill an out-patients department but that didn’t stop the audience standing and stomping to Terry Sylvester (ex-Hollies), Vanity Fare and the Merseybeats.

And when the hits ran out the acts sung other people’s. They ended with Glad All Over. Hang on chaps, wasn’t that by the Dave Clark Five?

The show moves to Buxton Opera House on Tuesday, May 10, 7.30pm.

Martin Dawes