REVIEW: Slow Club, The Leadmill

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IT’S a triumphant return to home turf and the venue is packed with the faithful waiting for a live taste of Paradise, the sophomore album from this high flying duo.

From early days as teenage pals playing in Lonely Hearts before they formed Slow Club in 2006, Charles and Rebecca have magically been on the same wavelength, both in terms of writing and performing and tonight is evidence of that with a relaxed but excellent set of material new and old.

Providing support are the highly entertaining Heebie Jeebies, whose unique sound leaves a few open mouthed, followed by the quirky antics of Sweet Baboo, with an appreciative Charles in the audience throughout.

When Slow Club take the stage, augmented for live shows now by a drummer and bassist, they open with excellent new single Where I’m Waking, setting the standard for the next hour.

From the alternative folky pop of début album Yeah So and tracks like Christmas TV to the move to the fuller highly melodic sound of Paradise and the likes of Never Look Back, their harmonies and singing of alternate verses are a perfect fit.

The only contentious moment is when Charles draws the audience’s attention to Rebecca’s dress, made from Sheffield Wednesday shirts, which brings light hearted jeers from parts of the crowd with different loyalties.

One of the highlights is Horses Jumping, with hauntingly atmospheric guitar from Charles, closely followed by another newer track, Hackney Marshes, featuring more tasty harmonies and a delightful saxophone.

Set closer Two Cousins gets a massive cheer before encore Giving Up On Love calls time on a memorable night.