REVIEW: Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three, The Greystones

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WHAT could be better than a band with a washboard - apart from a band with a washboard AND a kazoo?

Pokey Lafarge and his band from St Louis, Missouri are proud, if a little tongue in cheek, bearers of American roots music.

And they bear it well.

It would take a better man to describe what type of music they play but ragtime blues, early jazz and western swing with hints of cajun go close but don’t come anywhere near the infectious warmth of their sound.

Their clever lyrics, nod to Americana and its worldwide roots and Pokey’s voice have hooked White Stripes’ Jack White who brought out their new album Middle Of Everywhere.

Songs like I Got Loaded, St Louis Crawl, Garbage Man and Sweet Potato Blues had the Greystones stomping and yelling for more.

And they got it.

The show started at 9pm and with a break went till 11.45 and not a minute too long. We had humorous diversions on American beer and why we don’t get the good stuff here, biscuits and gravy and bad summers.

But most of all we got great musicians, great songs and a top night.

Don’t miss them next time round.