REVIEW: Plan B, Sherwood Pine Forest Park

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PLAN B, very much a product of London’s modern urban jungle.

But just how would the Man with the Plan, real name Ben Drew, fit in at Britain’s most famous ancient forest.

Like the inclement weather which greeted his arrival on stage, deep amongst the trees at Sherwood, he went down a storm.

From the offset the young man promised the gathered soggy masses that they were in for fun - and he delivered big style.

Part one of his show was strictly Strickland as he and the band, all suited and booted, blasted through the familiar sounds of his breakthrough album.

Following a seamless break, expertly filled by a human beat box performance, the band reappeared in less dapper attire to crank things up.

A mash up of something old, somethings new - like tracks from Drew’s debut film Ill Manners - somethings borrowed, including Seal as you have never heard it before, and a few things industrial language blue.

And the crowd loved it.

Trouble is he has so many strings to his bow - acting, writing and film making - you suspect this genius may give on the music.

With performances like this, let’s hope not