REVIEW: Pigeon Detectives, Leadmill

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THREE long years since they last graced a Sheffield stage and tickets for tonight’s gig were in short supply.

It’s a miserable rainy city outside but a manic hot atmosphere inside as surely the most energetic frontman in indie rock, Matt Bowman, puts the Leeds crew through their paces. With inevitable chants of Yorkshire, Yorkshire, tonight was very reminiscent of a Little Man Tate gig.

Fellow West Yorkshiremen The Chevins open with an excellent set; vocalist Coyle Girelli an outstanding voice who could take the relatively unknowns far. PD fans applaud with enthusiasm - not dissimilar to when the Pigeons supported Milburn in their prime at the Octagon in 2006, almost stealing the show.

Little real chance of that here as from opener I Found Out the headliners had arms flailing, heads nodding and bodies bouncing with Mr Bowman choreographing.

After releasing cracking debut album Wait For Me in 2007, swift follow up Emergency didn’t quite match up. Though charting well, it didn’t produce the hits of its predecessor, so some trepidation surrounded recently released third album Up, Guards And At Em. However, with illegal downloading rife record sales don’t tell the whole story anymore and the Pigeons live set tonight is as special as ever.

Everybody Wants Me is a crowd rouser, Wait For Me drives them wild, then Take Her Back and encored I’m Not Sorry sees the audience sing and applaud as one. The Pigeons live still take some beating!