Review: Low, Queen’s Social Club

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Low, Queen’s Social Club

“IT’S our first night of the tour,” says Alan Sparhawk, lead singer and lynchpin with alt band Low. “Show us mercy, okay?”

He needn’t worry.

Tonight from the very first song - a haunting version of Sandinista - this Minnesota four piece prove that even if they lived for ever they would never write anything less than a masterpiece.

Their songs are uplifting, upsetting and everything in between - the middle point, somehow, between Joy Division’s tombstone march and The Polyphonic Spree’s elation.

Makes sense? No?

It doesn’t matter. If, as the saying goes, writing about music is as impossible as dancing to architecture, then writing about Low is as had as dancing to their fuzz-heavy sound.

Still, two words suffice: simply stunning.

Tonight the audience do not just show mercy. Rather, as they leave, they are giving thanks.

Colin Drury