REVIEW: Live/Wire, Plug

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THE work of a tribute band used to be something of a dirty deed a few years ago but fact is they supply a need.

And with our colossus favourites rarely touring the market between real thing and authentic copyists has thrived.

Roll on Live/Wire, unashamedly sounding and looking like AC/DC – well, their singers and lead guitarist go for it – and thank rock for it.

In fact, at the risk of Angus Young blasphemy, in some ways this lot are better than the genuine article for they present to a frightening degree the two eras of the band, they play accessible venues on a ticket that won’t break the bank and they’re always on the road.

And as an AC/DC addict who used to have Highway To Hell recorded on both sides of a cassette in his Talbot Horizon as a teenager, let me tell you that is a godsend.

Their Bon Scott and Brian Johnson sound uncannily like the real deal and in their new 18-year-old guitarist they have all but borrowed the fingers of Angus. They even come with their own cannons for landmark moment For Those About To Rock.

Shut your eyes at other points in the evening and you could be in a scabby bar down by The Rocks area of Sydney circa ‘74. Shut ‘em again and the Geordie foghorn who took up the mic for the world’s greatest rowdy rockers could also be in the room. For those who regularly need their AC/DC fix there can be no better dealer.