Review: Ghostpoet, Queens Road Social Club

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Oh goodness, I’m going to sound just like my dad did when he used to moan about the songs we loved on Top of the Pops.

But you couldn’t hear the words.

I know, sad really. But the point is that Ghostpoet writes beautiful words that express the toughness of the urban experience, with a fair bit of wit thrown in, in his darkly laconic south London voice.

I’d really being looking forward to hearing them live but the grungy sound wasn’t really up to making the words clear so they were lost.

He has just released a new album, Some Say I So I Say Light, which is a bit edgier than his first, the Mercury-nominated Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, with more complex dance rhythms.

Crowd-pleasers like Survive It and Liiines mixed in with new numbers like Meltdown and Them Waters.

Live, a lot of the new songs seem harder edged and his delivery was energetic and rhythmic.

He was constantly distorting his voice electronically, the echoes reminding me of a reggae toaster.

He cut an elegant figure on stage and interacted a lot with the audience, who he delighted by saying they had heard the best show on the tour so far. Good band too.