REVIEW: Cast star John lacks Power at solo show

John Power.
John Power.
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Former Cast and The La’s star John Power brought his acoustic show to Sheffield – but left many of his fans disappointed.

A sizeable crowd had built up at The Hop in Sheffield city centre by the time the support acts of rising star Jamie Heawood, Ryan Young and Sam Scherdel had performed.

But John’s stage time came and went and it was 10.30pm before he ambled to the front of the venue with fellow guitarist Jay Ellis – some 30 minutes later than the advertised start time.

He quickly ripped into a couple of solo numbers before he even seemed to look up and acknowledge the fans that had paid up to £14 to see him.

The solo tracks, such as Jumpin’ Bean, were - as expected from such a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter - impressive, with John ably supported by the nimble fingers of Ellis on guitar alongside him.

However, John almost looked uncomfortable with the intimacy of the venue, mumbling quiet, almost inaudible replies away from the microphone to several shouts from the crowd

After several loud audience requests throughout the set - including an impressive serenade of Fine Time from one group in the crowd - John turned his attention to the Cast tracks most of the fans had come to see.

Fine Time, Sandstorm and Walkaway all went down a treat, but all too soon it was curfew time and the end of the gig, no doubt not helped by the late start.

Despite long and loud requests from the gathered fans, John and Jay simply stayed on stage packing up their guitars, leaving the audience to drift off into the cold, late night.

The music was great, but the gig seemed short and banter with the crowd almost non-existent. Maybe we just caught him on a bad night.