Review: Alison Moyet, City Hall

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The singer-songwriter, who had several hits with 80s duo Yazoo and then went on to a successful solo career, is noticably happy in her own skin these days.

The magnificent, dark and throaty voice is as fantastic as ever but the awkwardness of the younger Alison is long gone.

She jokes that she doesn’t care what people think these days, even someone who thought she danced like a drunk mum.

This tour is promoting her latest album, the minutes.

She sang several tracks from it, including new single Changeling, Filigree and When I Was Your Girl, showcasing them beautifully.

Alison, flanked by two backing musicians using mostly synths and occasionally guitar, shows electronica can be warm and human.

She was a bit too apologetic about changing things up on two of her hits. Only You was sung to a dramatically spare backing and Is This Love was slowed down to a ballad.

Both were interesting experiments but in any case there was plenty that was recognisable, including Love Resurrection, All Cried Out, Don’t Go, Situation and Whispering Your Name.

A great evening with a supreme talent who’s stood the test of time.