Reid all about it – I’m an actor now

Wildboyz Pants.
Wildboyz Pants.
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IF by chance you find yourself discussing Alex Reid’s adults-only play about four blokes who get their kit off don’t suggest it is a striptease show.

“It’s a serious acting role and I treat it as such,” says the TV regular and former Mr Katie Price on the subject of Wildboyz.

Wildboyz Pants.

Wildboyz Pants.

It brings the former Celebrity Big Brother hunk and father-to-be to Sheffield City Hall on May 2.

Of course, Alex is well aware he’ll be in Full Monty territory but then he reckons the Wildboyz story came first.

“If I’m right, I might be wrong, but the producer told me, they actually ripped off the Full Monty from the Wildboyz story so they’ve had to reinvent Wildboyz. Wildboyz was going to be a stage play before the film came out.”

While Oscar-winning Monty writer Simon Beaufoy might have something to say about that, Alex is more touchy about suggestions Wildboyz is simply a show of brawn and buff backsides.

“People around me have asked ‘Are you sure you want to be doing this because you’re going to be misconstrued for getting your flesh out?’

“If it’s good enough for Robert Carlisle in The Fully Monty…it’s a serious acting role, it’s good enough for me.

“If it was purely just Dreamboys or Chippendales, I don’t see the appeal. And to me that’s also career suicide: ‘All Alex Reid is good for now is to get his bits out and jump around’. No, I reiterate, this is a serious acting role.

“Yeah, we’re playing on the fact we’ve all got half decent bodies and we’re hunky guys, but with the storyline we’re stranded.”

Ah yes, it does have a plot. Basically Alex, former Hollyoaks actor Marcus Patrick, one-time Corrie resident Danny Young and Dale Howard of, well, Big Brother, are on their way to a stag do in Bali when the ash cloud diverts them to Ibiza.

When international male strip group the Wildboyz fail to show for a hen party at the hotel the spotlight turns to the British Beef “to see if they can rise to the occasion and show they are big in the Balearics”.

“We’re playing on our celebrity, so to speak. Even though we’re almost playing our own lives it’s a fictional story and it’s going to require a lot of work.

“I’m really looking forward to it because I love my acting.”

Even so, with all the acting and that, surely those tanned pectorals in Monty country are going to stir a reaction. After all, the tour blurb mentions “audience participation, guaranteeing not a dry seat in the house”. Charming.

Is Alex expecting to be using a cattle prod to keep wild packs of South Yorkshire lasses off stage?

“That’s great of they do that, we’re doing a good job,” he says, before using the ‘A-word’ again.

“Seriously, let me reiterate, I’m an actor and if they’re doing that, that’s fantastic.

“I’m not a stripper. I’ve stripped once for a laugh at a party, but I didn’t get my pecker out.

“As exuberant as I am, I am quite shy. It’s Dutch courage when you see me doing stuff.”

Between now and the tour Alex will be running the London Marathon.

He’s just done 11 training miles when we speak.

“Training for the marathon is very different to body beautiful training which I would like to do for the show.

“I am going to be showing a bit of flesh and if you’re going to be getting your kit off you want to be in the gym pumping up.

“You see marathon runners and they’re all fit but not with the sexiest bodies. The second the marathon is over I’m in that gym pumping up.”

And rehearsing all the acting bits as well, we’re guessing.