Rap star hurt in fan’s bite attack

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Attacker kicked out after Dappy of N-Dubz injured

A FAN was booted out of a Doncaster gig after sinking her teeth into one of the performers’ ears.

N-Dubz star Dappy needed medical attention after the incident before the group took to the stage at the Dome, on Bawtry Road.

The show was the first date in a national tour by the rappers, whose top 20 hits include a song called Ouch.

Michael Hart, chief executive of the trust which runs the Dome, Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust, said: “N-Dubz performed the first date of their UK tour to a sold-out Doncaster Dome last week.

“They provide their own security for their concerts and they ensure the stars are protected and that the fans don’t get too close.

“There was a reported incident that Dappy was bitten by a fan and that the security team identified the individual and removed her from the venue. Thankfully incidents like this are very rare.

“We work closely with all artists and their support teams who come to the Dome to make sure that they have everything they need to put on their best performance and that the fans can enjoy a fantastic event.”

Dappy said: “It was mental - check out the massive red mark she left on my ear.

“She leaned in for a hug, before going ‘Raaaah!’ and getting me in a scary headlock.

“Then she just bit into my ear. It hurt so much, man! Then our security stepped in, put her in some mad lock and took her away.”

Dappy said he was frightened by the incident but claimed that chaos followed the group wherever they go.

“It does scare me, stuff like that, but that’s what we set out to be with N-Dubz, that pandemonium.”

The rapper was given first aid for a wound on his ear before he took to the stage at the Dome with bandmates Tulisa and Fazer.