Party until dawn at new nightclub under Sheffield’s Wicker Arches

Train over the Wicker Arches
Train over the Wicker Arches
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A new ‘destination’ nightclub under the iconic Wicker Arches is aiming to draw crowds away from Sheffield city centre with some of the biggest names in dance music.

Sheffield Council’s sub-licensing committee granted an application for ‘Arch 9’ at a meeting yesterday, allowing the venue to operate from 9am to 5am seven days a week from this weekend.

Spencer Fearn, one of two founders of the club, was born in Sheffield and told the meeting he ‘wanted to do something positive’ for his hometown. After the meeting, he said he was ‘delighted’ by the decision and was looking forward to bringing some big dance acts to the city.

With two floors and an outdoor mezzanine, Arch 9 will operate as a cafe during the day and transform into a club in the evenings.

Spencer said Arch 9 would put Sheffield ‘back on the map in terms of house music’ and provide a space for cultural events, exhibitions and corporate functions in the future.

Pete Roberts, owner of the neighbouring Arch 7, objected to the application. Pete and his tenant, Tony Richardson, who both work in the adjacent space, were concerned about sustained noise during their office hours.

Pete also said there was ‘quite a bit of drug use in the area,’ and was concerned the club would further deteriorate the neighbourhood.

Howard Mee, treasurer of the Manor Operatic Society, which is located diagonally across from the club, also objected. He said: “We often have members leaving late into the evening whose safety would be compromised.”

Issues surrounding littering, the club’s capacity and anti-social behaviour were also raised.

Solicitor Michelle Hazlewood, representing Arch 9 Ltd, assured members that Spencer and his co-founder, Nick Hussey, were ‘committed to improving the street’.

She argued that by bringing more people to the Wicker Arches, anti-social behaviour would decline due to added police presence.

She said: “The more light, the less dark corners there are for abuse.”

Committee chairman David Barker credited Spencer and Nick with being ‘very responsible’.

The club can hold 515 people including 20 employees.

n Meanwhile, the committee also granted an off-license at 283 Ecclessall Road to sell alcohol until 3am.