Never mind the heat, try some Rubber Wellies for size

Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies, playing at Wortley Folk Club
Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies, playing at Wortley Folk Club
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Harry Bird and the Rubber 
Wellies, The Greystones

The travelling folksters present their “intimate cabaret of joyful sing-along choruses and general participatory fun” at the Sheffield pub tomorrow, Wednesday.

Expect pirates, lizards, cracks in the wall, Basque cyclists and beard snoods to crop up in the songs.

They have spent the last three years touring Ireland, the UK and Europe, playing bars, cafes, theatres, circus galas, festivals and folk clubs alike.

The past three months on the road have taken the band all around Scotland. Apparently, wellies were needed in places…

The Rubber Wellies’ fiddle player is Christophe Capewell, a multi-instrumentalist and composer who was born in Sheffield and is currently based in Dublin.

Outside his busy touring schedule with the band, he is a composer of cinematic tunes and has written the music for various plays and short films.

Due to the high demand for his bowing skills in Ireland, Christophe has also now over 30 albums to his name as a recording artist, providing fiddle, piano or backing vocals (and sometimes all three) for artists including Our Little Secrets, Pearse McGloughlin, Spool, Aisling Quinn, Readers Wives, Jenny Lindfors, Ben Kritikos, Alyanya, Andy Blaikie and lots more. On more than one occasion he has been told: “You sound like the fiddle player in…”, to which he is forced to reply: “That’s because I am!”.

Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies have a new single, Kettle of Silver, out now on Hot Drop Records. Their debut album, Long Way to Be Free, appeared on the label in 2009 and The Bones on Black was released in March 2012.