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Consisting of singer and guitarist Ryan Wilson, lead guitarist John Slater and pianist Steven Kay, The Broken Saints are an acoustic three piece from Sheffield.

Formed at the start of 2013, the band play original music with a folk/pop feel, calling on influences such as Neil Young, Gomez and The Avett Brothers.

Their album, When the Music Stops, is a collection of songs written primarily by lead singer Ryan Wilson but brought to life by the imaginative guitar hooks of John Slater and the melodic keys of Steven Kay. The eight-track album opens with the resonant and harmonious Searching for the Shore and moves on to songs such as the melancholic ballad, Open Your Eyes (Take The Time), which features the powerful female vocals of Katy McLaughlin.

The launch night features David Fong (drums) and fiddle maestro Christina Llloyd (fiddle), will guest on some of the most memorable songs from the album.

In addition, the band will also play some of their favourite cover songs which display beautiful three-part harmonies in places, as well as an impressive musical range.

Broken Saints play at The Hop on Wednesday, August 7 from 7.30pm.