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Manchester Orchestra Simple Math (Columbia Records)

THEIR name has often caused confusion but for those who’ve long known this was no symphonic collective from over the Pennines the rewards have been largely substantial.

Album three from the Atlanta band of lifelong chums is a concept affair that sees singer/writer Andy Hull delve into regular issues such as sex, religion and marriage as a coming of age tale coated in often rich arrangements embracing strings, shifting melody and plunging hooks that allow some contents a slow burn effect like thought processes ticking over.

AC/DC Live At River Plate (Sony Music)

WITH one of the largest rock tours in recent history having finally gone quiet the occupants of the planet-stalking band selected three shows in Argentina to sum up their antics.

Shot in December 2009, 200,000 fans proved Buenos Aires was glad to have them back after 13 years – 32HD cameras capturing their excitement on their stop on the 20-month Black Ice tour that thrilled five million fans in 28 nations. There are 19 tracks, 110 minutes of live action and extras.

Moby Destroyed (Little Idiot)

THERE seems to have been a recurring theme with the amiable New Yorker since his first endeavours.

While his earliest music was inspired by insomnia in a clubbing context and Hotel was driven by the idea of sleeping in rooms used by many, Destroyed sees Moby exploring his own slumber-shy life.

Hence the album is by turn disconcerting and a comfort blanket.