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TV On The Radio Nine Types Of Light (Fiction)

THIS is tinged with sadness as it came as bassist Gerard Smith lost his fight with cancer last week.

Diagnosed after making the follow-up to Dear Science, NTOL is a fitting tribute.

Singer Tunde reckons it’s simpler fare, but the likes of Keep Your Heart possess warmth and No Future Shock brassy drive that still indulge fringe elements to keep TV sounding anything but average. The post-punk grooves, sauntering basslines and distorted guitars were recorded in Dave Sitek’s LA home.

Toy Horses Toy Horses (Albino)

MOST lads of a certain age won’t be seen dead with their old man other than perhaps on the footy terraces, but this Welsh step-father/step-son duo make sweet music together and have released their self-titled album after a viral-fuelled word of mouth campaign led to them recording in LA with ex-Wilco member Ken Coomer.

The likes of And It Was You and recent single Interrupt recall Ben Fold’s earliest piano dabbling, combining multi-instrumental talents with warm lyrical insights.

Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting (Current Songs/Polydor)

CITED as one of this year’s big things, there’s certainly something different about this three-years-in-the-making debut.

For starters, Woon claims there are three songs about going for a walk.

Mirrorwriting also sounds as though it’s taken time to ferment, Woon’s warm vocals working with rich but understated electronic rhythms to conjure a relaxing, evocative experience the equivalent of a sonic bath, with spicy suds.

Swoon to Woon at The Leadmill on May 31.