Life is sweet for colourful city band with a taste for mangos

Mango rescue team
Mango rescue team
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As far as band names go, Mango Rescue Team takes some beating.

But what’s more, the Sheffield tropical pop band have actually rescued a mango. A real mango, as tenor saxophonist Hannah Beezer explains.

“We did once rescue a mango from a ‘reduced’ section in the supermarket.”

But fruit items aside, the 10-piece band are dedicated to their tropical sound.

“On stage we all wear bright colours and tropical flowers. We have a huge inflatable palm tree and our music is really lively. We really play songs that people can dance and have a good time to. What we play is very lively, there are strong reggae and Afro beat influences, as well as North African music and rhumba.” The band, which formed around six months ago, features drums, percussion, timbales, bass, keys, guitar, a brass section and a Spanish singer.

“None of our lyrics are serious. We’re not entirely sure what he sings about though one of them is about ‘peaches’ and I know it has connotations that probably aren’t printable.” Mango Rescue Team aren’t the only group playing tropical-inspired beats in Sheffield.

“There are quite a lot of bands in the city now playing this sort of stuff, though each of us is doing something very different. It’s nice though, because we’ve been to various events and festivals and often we’ve been sharing a programme with many of these bands.”

The band is currently writing material for its debut album, which has yet to be named.

“One of the members of the band is a producer so we’ve been doing it with him. But basically the album will be full of party and dancing songs.”

Though newly formed, Mango Rescue Team’s members are no strangers to live performances.

“We’ve all played in various bands before, such as the Mother Folkers, Tentacles and Flamingo Love Parade.”

These diverse influences all feed into a sound that can leap from reggae to Flamenco.

“It’s just really good fun,” says Beezer. We make it as colourful as possible.”