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Kate Jackson
Kate Jackson
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FOR a while they were the most talked about unsigned band in Britain and she became a style icon.

But as Kate Jackson finally embarks on her solo mission nearly three years after the split of The Long Blondes she says she doesn’t miss the fuss that accompanied her former life.

“I had the media pressure as well which the others didn’t have so much,” she says of the band that released two albums, including critics favourite Someone To Drive You Home.

“It’s like being married except no-one goes to work – you are just working together as well as being married.

“I just liked being around people I could talk about music with. That’s how The Long Blondes started really. We were all friends and liked the same music and I wanted to go back to that.”

With the city-based quintet selling out mid-size venues across the country with musical kitchen sink dramas and lyrics about spurned love that had them compared to a female-fronted Pulp, it all came to an end when guitarist and songwriter Dorian Cox suffered a stroke from which he has now recovered. He has a new band called Milkteeth while Kate takes The Kate Jackson Band to Plug on June 24.

“It was horrible, heart-breaking. You don’t expect that to happen to your parents let alone your friend who is 27 and you’ve been in a band with for six years,” she says.

It’s part of what is making her view her new project with seasoned eyes. “I don’t feel the pressure to be cool any more. There was the whole style thing with the Long Blondes and everyone made such a big deal out of it. We weren’t even trying to be like that, it’s just what we were like.

“It was all a bit stupid and Dorian used to get quite annoyed about it because he was writing these songs and no-one talked about them, they talked about my hat.”