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Feelix: Kat Eaton and Nick Atkinson.     PICTURE: tracey welch
Feelix: Kat Eaton and Nick Atkinson. PICTURE: tracey welch
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THE cat’s out of the bag...Feelix have a new album coming out.

And to clear up any confusion as to what the band is called, the record carries the same name. Seems fair enough.

“The album is just titled Feelix,” confirms Nick Atkinson ahead of its release on Saturday. “We wanted to make sure people know the name of the band rather than think we are called the title of the album. Not very exciting!”

But as plenty of people will confirm in this age of fanciful artwork, that mistake has been made.

And with Feelix releases few and far between, the Sheffield outfit – also featuring the sublime dulcets of the attention-grabbing Kat Eaton – are keen to make maximum impact with a record that has grown with the sound of musicians seeking to define themselves.

“We have been writing a lot and we have done bits of stuff in the studio but really we have been working out what we want to sound like and we think with this album we are getting there,” says Nick.

“We feel it’s by far the best recording we have done and it represents what we are about better than any of our EPs.”

Gigging regulars will have caught Nick and Kat performing both as Feelix and in their covers band guise all over South Yorkshire, but the album seeks to harness their efforts and influences to finally nail what Feelix is about. And where they might be heading.

Nick says the album, stylistically, lies somewhere between Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Lady Antebelum and Gary Go. That suggests raw songwriting and delivery right through to big chart-hungry productions.

“It’s always hard to label your own music with a specific style. It will be interesting to see what other people think it is stylistically. In terms of development I think we have just got a lot better at writing more concise songs over the years.

“We are influenced by a lot of different music and we try and put all that into our songs but also try and make our songs accessible so that people can understand them and take something positive away from them.

“I think it’s important to do what you do and not worry about whether or not you sound like other people.”

One thing is certain; for most bands an album can act as a snapshot – and any band worth its creative salt is a work in progress, bursting with ideas.

“Every musician or artist will always feel like they are a work in progress,” Nick concurs.

“I think that is really healthy. You can create things that you are proud of, but there will always be things you want to do or that you would have done differently.

“We are really proud of this album and think it’s by far the best thing we have done, but we are already writing the next album and thinking how we can make it better than this one – and we haven’t even released this one yet.

“That’s just the way we are; I think we will always want to do better.”

The latter sounds a tad like an Olympic motto, which is appropriate considering one of the duo’s recent projects.

“We were asked by the council to write and record a song for the ceremony that took place when the torch came to Sheffield,” says Nick.

“The song was performed by a group of young musicians from Springs Academy right after Seb Coe lit the torch on stage – a very proud moment for us as songwriters as it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.”

So if you caught that and liked what you heard, Feelix launch their album with a gig as a five-piece on Saturday at The Greystones. Dead Like Harry open and a tour is in the pipeline.

Before then Baby Steps is out as a single – see the video on their YouTube channel feelixmusic.

“We have also been doing a little project we have called The Acoustic Challenge where people send requests for songs they want to hear us do and we record a video of our version and post it on the net,” adds Nick.

“So far we have had wacky requests such as Craig David, AC/DC and Cher Lloyd. We put the first Acoustic Challenge video up in January and it has had well over 10,000 hits.”

Try and get a ticket for the album launch by emailing feelixmusic@yahoo.co.uk and visitfeelix.co.uk for more on the band and future live dates.